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OpenLink AJAX Toolkit (OAT)
Developer(s) OpenLink Software
Stable release 2.8
Written in JavaScript
Type JavaScript toolkit
License GPL

OpenLink AJAX Toolkit (OAT) is a JavaScript-based toolkit for browser-independent Rich Internet Application development. It includes a rich collection of UI Widgets/Controls, Event Management System, and a truly platform independent Data Access Layer called AJAX Database Connectivity. OpenLink AJAX Toolkit is fully OpenAjax Alliance Conformant.



There is a broad range of functionality in OAT including information visualization, GUI Widgets and Database Connectivity

Information Visualization

There are many different ways of visualizing data using OAT, these include:

File System Interaction

  • WebDAV Browser enables you to navigate a WebDAV instance as if it were a local filesystem.
  • An Upload Interface supporting batch uploads.

Graphical User Interface Widgets

There are many Widgets in OAT to ease development of application User Interfaces, including:

  • Combo Boxes, Combo Lists, Combo Buttons.
  • "Quickedit" -- simple editing without text-box input.
  • Sliders, Date Pickers and Color Pickers.
  • "Enhanced Anchors" enabling you to show a new widget on screen.
  • "Ghost drag" enabling the user to drag one item onto another and update objects accordingly. For example, this is quite useful for dragging items into a shopping cart.

Semantic Web and Aggregated Data Visualization

OAT is also able to cleanly visualize:

  • RDF Data as a graph.
  • RSS Feeds.

AJAX DataBase Connectivity

Provides a database independent data access layer for OAT and other JavaScript based libraries/frameworks/toolkits. The JavaScript equivalent of ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB, and ADO.NET, it uses XMLA to facilitate direct and platform independent access to remote database engines via XMLA providers.

As a core component of OAT, the Ajax Database Connectivity layer enables:

  • Development and usage of data bound controls such as the Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, Microsoft Virtual Earth, and OpenLayers mapping services controls, Pivot Tables, Comb Boxes, TimeLines, and many more.
  • Development of data aware applications with the ability to calibrate change sensitivity via support for scrollable cursors (detached row-sets that are change sensitive)
  • Build a complex SQL, XML, SPARQL, Web Services based applications without exposure to data access complexity


Other controls include:

Technical Information

The Architecture of OpenLink AJAX Toolkit

Built-in functions are able to natively use/manipulate the following technologies:


OAT is used extensively in the OpenLink Data Spaces and a variety of front-ends to the Virtuoso Universal Server that include:

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