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Rico is an open source JavaScript library for developing rich Internet applications (RIAs) that use Ajax.[1]

Rico uses the Prototype Javascript Framework and JSON libraries.



  • LiveGrid - One of Rico's best known features is its LiveGrid.
  • Animation Effects - Rico 2.0 provides responsive animation for smooth effects and transitions that that can communicate change in richer ways than traditional web applications have explored before. Unlike most effects, Rico 2.0 animation can be interrupted, paused, resumed, or have other effects applied to it to enable responsive interaction that the user does not have to wait on.
  • Behaviors - Rico can be used to create components that behave similar to those found in Adobe Flex and OpenLaszlo.
  • Styling - Rico provides several cinematic effects as well as some simple visual style effects in a very simple interface.
  • Drag and Drop - Rico provides a simple interface for enabling web application to support drag and drop.
  • Ajax Support - Because Rico uses the Prototype library, which contains classes for using Ajax, Rico provides a very simple interface for registering Ajax request handlers as well as HTML elements or JavaScript objects as Ajax response objects. Multiple elements and/or objects may be updated as the result of one Ajax request.

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  • [1] - Project on SourceForge
  • Rico - Original Homepage

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