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The XTT Framework (eXtensible Transmission Technology Framework) is a standards-based Java framework from InsiTech for building and deploying smart, rich, thin, Swing-based Internet applications.

Using Java Swing and Java Web Start on the client, XTT allows you to build thin, dynamic, Ajax-like applications that can be launched from a browser. With its framework and plug-ins for both Eclipse and NetBeans, XTT promises a quick return on investment from your development and prototyping efforts. XTT is a Java framework both on the client and the server (where it integrates with J2EE application servers), so you get a rich user experience but retain platform independence.

The framework manages the binding of data elements to Java Swing controls, all that is required is that the visual controls are set to point at the data element. Developers do not have to write custom marshalling logic for every form. The data-bound controls are simple extensions of existing Swing controls that implement one of the data-binding interfaces of the framework.

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