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Developer(s) REAL Software, Inc.
Operating system Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Linux
Type Scripting languages
License Proprietary
Website REAL Software, Inc

RBScript is a scripting language which is similar to, and shares many features with, REALbasic. They are both object oriented, support modules and use almost identical datatypes (REALBasic introduced some differences in the latest version, mainly for compatibility with some C APIs). RBScript is mainly used to script applications written with REALbasic, and (from the 2006r1 version) is also used in the REALbasic IDE.

Compared to the different scripting languages that can still be used with REALbasic (thanks to the ability it offers to call C APIs), RBScript can be better integrated into REALbasic applications by the possibility it has to call the methods and to use the properties of the object passed to the script parser and compiler.

Software developers who want to use RBScript in non-REALbasic applications (for example, in C++ applications) should contact REAL Software for licensing information.

Example Code

This sample code asks the host program for a number and doubles it:

Dim Value As Integer
Value = Val(Input("Which number?"))

It's up to the host program to decide how to implement the callback methods called from Input() and Print() - RBScript just expects the first method to return a string and accept a string parameter, and the second one to accept a string parameter. Usually, the program would prompt the user presenting the string passed from the script, and returning the user input to the hosted script.

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