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The tiscript programming language is an object-oriented programming language which extends JavaScript. It is notable both for its simplification of prototypes and the extension of classes as well as its use of either JSON or DyBASE for persistence. DyBASE for persistence closely resembles client-side persistent data (CSPD) in the Curl web-content language (not to be confused with cURL.)


A simple tiscript using user-defined classes might be

   class Message
     function this( text ) { this._text = text;  },
     function say()        { stdout.println( this.text );  }
     property text(v)      { get { return this._text; }
                             set { this._text = v; } }  

To create instance object of such a class you might do the following:

   var msg = new Message("Hello World!");
   msg.say(); // will print Hello World!

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