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PowerBASIC is the brand of several commercial compilers by Venice, Florida-based PowerBASIC Inc. that compile a dialect of the BASIC programming language. The DOS versions have a syntax similar to that of QBasic and QuickBASIC, while the Windows versions utilize a standard BASIC syntax combined with calls to the API similar to other Windows programming languages. The first version was published as BASIC/Z; later it was distributed by Borland as Turbo Basic and since 1989, it has been known as PowerBASIC.[1][2]


PowerBASIC is a native-code BASIC compiler whose reported merits are its simplicity of use and its speed compared to other languages.[3][4]

PowerBASIC programs are self-contained and do not require runtime files to execute. The PowerBASIC for Windows compiler can create both GUI-based EXEs and DLLs, while PowerBASIC Console Compiler for Windows can create command line applications. Both Windows versions include an IDE with a source code debugger, and offer access to independent DLLs if desired. PowerBASIC Forms, a visual user interface design tool, is also available as an add-on for PowerBASIC for Windows.[5]

The PowerBASIC for Windows compilers are compatible with the Windows 9x series and the Windows NT series of operating systems, including Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.[6] PowerBASIC for DOS is also available including support for versions of DOS from 3.30 onwards and includes a DOS-based IDE.[7]


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