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RapidQ IDE screenshot

RapidQ (also known as Rapid-Q) is a free, cross-platform, semi-object-oriented BASIC programming language. It can create console, GUI, and CGI applications. The IDE includes a drag-and-drop form designer, syntax highlighting and single button compilation.

Programming with RapidQ offers a balanced combination of ease and power. Simple GUI programming can be accomplished with very few lines of code. Additional functionality, not normally seen in BASIC, are function callbacks, and primitive object-orientation. The language is called semi-object-oriented by its author because there are only two levels of class hierarchy: built-in classes, and user-defined classes derived from those; the latter cannot be extended further. The ability to call external shared libraries is available, thus giving full access to underlying system API. Other capabilities include built-in interfaces to DirectX and MySQL. All in all, RapidQ is a good example of proper application of the BASIC language design principles.

Versions are available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX.

RapidQ features a bytecode compiler that produces stand alone executables by binding the generated bytecode with the interpreter. No external run-time libraries are needed; the bytecode interpreter is self-contained. The file sizes of executable files created by RapidQ are about 150 kilobytes or larger for console applications. (About 300KB according to Mindteq)

RapidQ's author, William Yu, sold the source code to REAL Software (makers of REALbasic) in 2000. The freely distributed program is still available and in use, but hasn't been updated since.

A new (started 2003) and very active development by James J Keene PhD HotBasic is largely compatible with RapidQ and offers very similar syntax. Most RapidQ programs should be easily portable. Hot Basic is a non-open, commercial product.

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