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Usual file extensions .pvx, pvc, .pvk, .pvt
Appeared in 1992
Designed by Michael F. King
Developer Sage Software Canada
Stable release 8.20 (August 11, 2008; 402089526 ago)
Typing discipline strong
Dialects PVX Plus
Influenced by Business Basic
OS Windows / Unix / Linux

ProvideX is a computer language and development environment derived from Business Basic (a business oriented derivative of BASIC) in the mid-1980s.

ProvideX is available on several operating systems (Unix/Linux/Windows/Mac OS X) and includes not only the programming language but also file system, presentation layer interface, and other components. The language is primarily designed for use in the development of business applications. There are numerous companies using the technology as the basis for their application in markets such as distribution, property management, health care, transportation, etc.[citation needed] While primarily used in North America, there are developers around the world which use ProvideX.[citation needed]

Over the years since its inception and as the computer industry has changed, ProvideX has added functionality such as a graphical interface, client-server capabilities, access to external databases, web services, and, more recently, object oriented programming capabilities. The language has generally maintained compatibility with its roots; thus applications developed in ProvideX have been able to remain current even though the world of technology has changed.[citation needed]



Example Code

! This example code shows some ways to do the traditional hello world.
   print 'CS', ! Clear Screen
   ! Plain Text
   print "Hello World!"

   ! Fonted Text (Error branch moves to next line if fonted text not available)
   print (0,err=*next)'Font'("Arial,-16,B"), ! Use Bold 16pt Arial Font
   print (0,err=*next)'Text'(@x(20),@y(2),"Hello World"),

   ! Move to the 2nd to last line on screen
   print @(3,mxl(0)-2),"Press Enter: ",
   input a$

   ! Message Box
   msgbox "Hello World"+sep+sep+"This is a test message box.","Message Box"



External links

There are several websites available dedicated to ProvideX:



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