Signature Creator

Email Generator

Email Generator

Signature Generator converts a text-based e-mail address and creates a picture that can be placed on a web page. Picture contains the email address which can be easily read by a human. Crawlers, which search for e-mail addresses, could not realize such types of emails. Email generator creates an image file which can be read by anyone except robots. Right click on the generated email, choose "Save Image As..." and save the picture to your PC, then upload it to your server.

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Each time you post or place your e-mail address a spammer's bot can read it and find you. If your e-mail address is displayed as an image instead of text, special spammers' email harvesting programs would not be able to read it and store email in the spam list.

E-Mail Generator

Email Image Creator could be used to protect your webpages from scanning by robots. Images of email addresses created by E-Mail Generator can be used to replace text email addresses, which you frequently give for public access on your homepage, blog or discussion boards.

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