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Check Google PageRank and Alexa Rank for a site. Google PageRank (PR) shows how important your site is compared to other websites and Alexa Rank is how many surfers get in relation to other sites on the Internet. You are aiming to gain a high Google PageRank and a low Alexa Rank.

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Google Page Rank designed to rank a website that is listed in the Google directory. PR of a webpage is set on a scale of 0-10. 0 is the lowest score for a website and 10 is the highest . Alexa rank is based in downgrading order towards 1, where vastly visited website is given a rank of 1. Alexa Rankings vary from 1 to a billion.

Google Ranking

Analyzing Google Page Rank And Alexa Rank
This article will help you understand Google PageRank and Alexa Ranking, and ways to improve these rankings.

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