Firewall Checker

Port scanning

Port Scanning

Online Port Scanner determines lively services on the host using TCP/UDP port interrogations. Port Scanner will check which TCP or UDP ports are listening. You can test these ports to see if they are running. It is recommended that any services which are not necessary be disabled. Use Online Port Scanner to scan individual ports to determine if the device is listening on that port. Port Scanner will analyze given ip (url) for open ports to help you secure it.

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Ports are hardware locations for sending data in and out of a computing machine. Computers have many types of ports, including internal ports for connecting monitors, disk drives and keyboards, as well as external ports, for connecting mouse devices, modems, printers and other peripheral devices. In UDP and TCP/IP networks, port is the name given to an endpoint of a logical connection. Port numbers classify types of ports. For instance, both UDP and TCP use port 80 for transporting HTTP data from a web server.

Firewall Check

Firewall Check

One of the most significant goal of thise port scanning will be to verify your firewall rules and filters are performing as planned. To do this, you need scan ports that appear open to the external world, then test whether they are filtered or not.

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