Forged PageRank Detection

Fake PageRank Checker

Fake PageRank Checker

Page Rank is one of the methods Google uses to establish a pages importance or relevance. Pagerank Forged is becoming a grave problem. Pagerank Fraud tool can verify if a site has a valid or fake Page Rank, as you know many people are selling Fraud domains, and they use redirects (301 or 302 redirect) to point to other sites with high PR.

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How to fake PR and how to detect if Page Rank is fake?

Although most search engine optimizers agree that the green PR display has few to do with the real performance of a site in Google, many webmasters still focus on sites with a high PR.

When a search robot visits a webpage URL, the server redirects the spider to a page with high Page Rank. Google bot assigns the high PR to the webpage with the redirection because it thinks that web pages are the same.

When a user visits the page URL, the server does not redirect the surfer. That means that the visitors see the page of the faker and the Google toolbar displays PR of the redirected page. Google doesn't like Yandex cloaking, so you risk losing your rank if you use the method above.

Forged Page Rank

If you suspect that a page may have a Forged Page Rank then you can do the next simple check: Search Google for If returned URLs don't match the original URL then it's possible that the Page Rank has been faked. If Google returns the same checked url then PageRank is valid.

What is Fake Page Rank?
This article will help you understand Fake PageRank and ways to protect yourself from Fake PR.

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