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Http Response

HTTP Header Viewer lets you see the http headers for any specified URL. HTTP Headers Viewer requests entered URL, retrieves HTTP response headers and checks HTTP status codes. General use of the HTTP Headers testing is to check the HTTP status code, to verify issued cookies and redirects being set by the server.

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HTTP headers are an Internet protocol, or set of rules for formatting certain types of info and instructions that can be sent along with a http request from a web client or browser, or sent by the web server along with a http response to a browser. In simpler conditions, an HTTP header is a few lines of code that transmits info among server and browser.

HTTP headers

HTTP headers are used for communication between the server and client in both directions. HTTP headers sent by browser or client along with the http request to the server for a web page or other resource. The resource is typically either dynamic output from a server side script or file. In the other direction they are sent by the server along with http response to the browser or client http request.

HTTP Header is a piece of http response sent by server with a requested webpage. HTTP Headers include information like Server Identifier, Content type, Response Code (success, redirect etc.), Last modification time, and others.

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